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SPRING 2023 SMPW 7 on7 OC Colts

Great opportunity for anyone interested in playing Spring 2023  4VERT/7 on 7 passing league.  SMPW is once again offering this for 3/4th grade, 5/6th grade and 7/8th grade.   Entire teams can sign up or you can go solo and be placed on a team.   Registration is open now at the 4VERT website.  Make sure you request the OC Colts to play with #ocsbiggestandbest !   Registration will be open through December.   You can also take advantage of OC Colt tryouts/camps.

1969 First OEC Orange Bowl SMPW Coach Jim Gordon

One of the key contributors to SMPW success in 2021 and over the past years has been our coaching. SMPW seeks out and attracts the best youth coaches possible to help young athletes develop on the field, the classroom and in life. Long time high school and SMPW coach Jim Gordon pulled this jacket out of his closet to share. This was from the very first Orange Empire Conference Orange Bowl Championship in 1969! Jim received this jacket as a player after his team won! Jim says "This jacket represents a cross with the Beach Boys and a car racing jacket"! Jim and the many great coaches of SMPW have been making a difference for young men in the area for many years. #smpwrideforthebrand #smpwgoat #ocsbiggestandbest #smpwcowboys #smpwrocks #popwarner 

Why Your Son or Daughter Should Play Pop Warner Football With SMPW

As President of SMPW for the past 20 years, I want to share why I believe your son or daughter should play football with SMPW.   I also had 3 sons play at SMPW who started out playing at Flag and went through our program, played in high school and two went on to play in college.   This feedback also is from the perspective of my 24 years of head coaching in SMPW and at high school.

While we are not perfect, I believe we provide the following that you will not find with other options:

  1. Safety matters at SMPW.    We don't just say it, we demand it of every volunteer and coach.   Every volunteer must take a safety course every year.   Every coach must not only attend a mandatory conference training, but at SMPW we require our coaches to attend 2 additional sessions that SMPW requires.   All coaches attend and participate or they don't coach.   Every coach goes through a background check that SMPW conducts in coordination with local law enforcement.  Every coach goes through an established interview protocol no matter how many years they have coached. We have a safety manager that does an investigation on any and all incidents.  At SMPW, coaches are monitored regularly.   If they don't follow the rules, they don't coach.  
  2. Coaching - I believe SMPW has the best coaches.   Many of our head coaches have been high school coaches.   Many do not even have kids on the teams.   There are 3 mandatory coach clinics that SMPW coaches must attend.  We know that coaches make the difference in how your athlete develops and has a direct reflection on the fun, safety and future success that they will have.
  3. Life Lessons - I believe that SMPW reflects the video link at the top of the home page.   That is what we want to be and I think we are close across the board.   Please watch.  Character matters at SMPW and that is required of our teams and coaches.   You get what you must work hard for what you want....and if it does not go the way you want all the time(it won't) what we teach is "WHAT DO YOU DO NEXT" and provide the support.   We are talking LIFE SKILLS here that are hard to get sometimes in other activities.  
  4. More than Athletics - SMPW has had over 7000 players go through the system.   We have had 4000 play high school football and over 700 play in college but it is more than that.   I know so many SMPW alumni that are doctors, lawyers, business owners etc.    SMPW is a vital component in leadership development.   The push for every player to be a leader on the football field transitions to the classroom and life.   One of my best personal examples of success beyond the game field was from this past year where the team I was fortunate to coach not only got to the Championship, but the most important success is that they EARNED the conference SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD.   Character matters, life lessons matter!  

I don't know of any other youth program/class/seminar/school that you can sign you son or daughter up for and get the above.

Sincerely, Mark Graves, SMPW President



We believe that SAFETY is our top priority




In 2021, SMPW had all competitive level teams make the playoffs!   That is not an easy thing to do in the world of competitive Southern California youth football!   No other league has that happen.   It starts with coaching and organization as well as a great family of parents and players at SMPW.    In our 25th year as an organization, SMPW had its best year ever unmatched by any other city in Southern California.    Our 5/6 year old Flag was undefeated, the 5/6/7 year old Tiny Mite tackle teams was undefeated and the 7/8 year old Junior Mighty Mite tackle undefeated!    Additionally, SMPW teams won 5 Orange Bowl Championships! (9 year old Mighty Mite Titans, 10/11 Junior Mighty Mite Titans, 11/12  year old Pee Wee Buckeyes, 12U Lions and 12/13 year old JV Eagles)  Four teams are played in the West Regional Championship bracket.   In all,  SMPW had 8 Championships!    No other youth football/Cheer comes close!   WHY? SMPW has better organization and better coaching than those other leagues. 5 of our head coaches have 20 years each experience in youth football and DON'T have kids on the team and 4 other head coaches have over 10 years experience each! 

At SMPW, we KNOW that coaches make the difference!    Over the past 22 years, SMPW has developed the reputation for having the "Biggest and Best" program and one of the main reasons is we recruit and retain only the BEST coaches.  For the past 5 years our league regularly gets 10% enrollment from "Other" youth football leagues and COACHES is a big reason.

Do you have a very gifted athlete that you are looking for a specific team make up?   Are you looking for a specific type of coach for  your son?   Do you want to join a team that could go all the way to the National Championships in Orlando?   LET US KNOW at  






"Santa Margarita Pop Warner has helped more youth athlete's to develop skills and earn starting roles in High School, College and the NFL than ANY other current youth football program in Orange County"



A special Thank you to Wild Rivers Waterpark for their amazing support not only at this weekend's carnival, but to the support shown to the league. We look forward to a great partnership and appreciate you giving back to the local youth. The SMPW family will be on the lookout for more opportunities with Wild Rivers in the future. 

Listen to Weston Port, San Juan Hills HS standout, SMPW Alum with 9 D1 College Offers!

Oregon State LB and Cowboy Alum Easton Mascarenas talks SMPW and Coaching!

SMPW Rolling Out New Uniforms For all Team in 2022! SMPW Cowboys draw on our MV Cowboy heritage and SMPW Brand! This is our traditional uniform. There will be two other version with a slightly sharper edge in color scheme!

2022 Fall Tackle Coaches Wanted

Looking to add to SMPW Elite coaching in 2022.    Send interest to ASAP.   Coaches will be selected by March 2022 for the Fall tackle and flag season.


South OC Raptors Rugby

Rugby has a lot of cross over in skills with football.   SOC Raptors Rugby is based right here in Ladera Ranch!   Check out their website!




AMP Youth Football BASELINE Testing for Safety

OC's Biggest and Best Leads With Cutting Edge Safety Technology in 2019

NFL Head Referee's Tony Corrente and Carl Cheffers spoke to SMPW!

SMPW is teaming up with Dr. Mike Flores and team from AMP Sports Med in 2018 to provide cutting edge technology  for every SMPW player with Safety as the number 1 focus.

Dr. Mike  spoke on this new process at the SMPW Town Hall on June 11th.   The Town Hall was held during SMPW Physical Day at Athlete's Choice in Rancho Santa Margarita.   Dr. Mike spoke on concussion prevention and the use of KINETISENSE technology.

The Town Hall also featured current NFL Head Referee's Tony Corrente,  and Carl Cheffers who talked  about football safety from an officiating perspective and shared some NFL stories.   Tommy D,  of  Athlete's Choice spoke on effective player training  to round out our guest speakers.  

Look for additional innovation led by SMPW in 2019

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Clarity Tutoring - Where SMPW students get help!

Clarity Tutoring has been helping SMPW students for over 12  years!

One-on-one tutoring                            12 years experience                             Flexible hours

       Specializing in math               Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II

Call 949-300-1898 and ask for Sue

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